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Absence Painting

by Jihad Jamal

Are you here?

The yesterday is about to share

what we are expecting


time is penetrating in meditation while

all those we

love are saying goodbye.

a yearning departure

a soul getting old in love

a road and a traveller

a pure swagger

the wasteland of distance is the

guillotine for acclimatization and


where are you now?

all the places miss you

absolute delirium singing

ghosts of smiles beg

misleading details


shaded lamps


the demise of now

Are you here?

The now is watching you

the embryos

and the old messages

what I like and you crave

are you here now?

or I just love you and the yearning

elongate in the time that I’m no

longer in it

Are you here now or

it’s just that I’m another

person without you

who no longer realizes what

he is aware of.

Jihad Jamal is an award-winning Sudanese poet currently living in Doncaster.

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