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The Wheels Keep Turning

by Denise Cann

The supply of bicycles to welcoming new homes continues. They are donated, checked for any problems and supplied with lights, locks and high viz vests. Repairs are also offered.

For those within walking distance, the Yorkshire bike Shack generously offers donations and repairs. This has been a big help. Thank you, Yorkshire Bike Shack!

The waiting list is long, but no one is forgotten and, as stated, the bikes are thoroughly checked.

The bicycles given are so much more than just a pair of wheels. They allow independence, ‘freedom’, as someone says. Having the two wheels enhances physical and mental health, giving access to mosques, shops, church, friends, college and open spaces.

Thanks are expressed in words:

Is that really mine?

This is my best day!

Thank you and thank you!

… and occasionally with a cartwheel!

As Martin, who checks the bikes says, “It’s a real joy to be able to give bikes a second life, saving them from the scrap man, and passing them on to people in whose lives they will make such a difference. A real joy”

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