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Our Services

We befriend and support people seeking asylum and new refugees helping them to promote their asylum claims, settle into a new life in the UK and to integrate into Doncaster. We can arrange access to official agencies offering professional support. We offer help with access to health services, understanding the asylum process, finding a solicitor, arranging travel, form filling as well as helping our service users to make sense of a wide variety of other problems. We offer ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) lessons.  We are supported by a group of agencies including: Doncaster Society of Friends (Quakers), The British Red Cross, The Refugee Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Council and Migrant Help.

Asylum seeker & refugee support in Doncaster


The DCC runs a weekly drop-in session for asylum seekers and refugees every Thursday.


1.00pm  to   4.00pm.

13.00hrs  to 16.00hrs


Quaker (Friends) Meeting House

Oxford Place

Doncaster                                                   DN1 3RH         


No appointment is needed. You may have a long wait. PLEASE BRING ALL YOUR PAPERS.

New to Doncaster

People new to Doncaster and in dispersal accommodation (ie in houses in the community) are encouraged to attend the DCC drop-in on a Thursday.


You can be registered with the DCC and checks can be made about health issues, a GP, a solicitor, a working ASPEN card for payment, allowance and any other immediate needs.


For those living in outlying areas a one off payment of £5 is available on request to cover the bus pass for your first visit.

Friendly Young Doctor
Medical care

People with active asylum claims are entitled to free medical (GP and hospital) care and free dental care (though this can be difficult to access).


To access free medication, dental care and glasses you must have an HC2 certificate. HC2 certificates are valid for 6 months at a time. If you are on Section 95 support from NASS (National Asylum Support Service), a new certificate should be sent to you automatically. If you are on Section 4 support or if your asylum application has failed, you will need to re-apply every 6 months. Keep checking the date on your HC2 certificate. Ask Migrant Help, or DCC, if you are unsure how to apply.

For medical problems please contact Julia Burne 07870118939.

Helping Hand
  Asylum issues

Our role is to direct service users to  appropriate professional services and to act as an intermediary. Volunteers at the DCC are not entitled to give asylum advice. Many volunteers have been on training courses so do have a sound understanding of the asylum system to facilitate appropriate signposting.


The DCC can help an asylum seeker find a solicitor and to communicate with the solicitor.

ALL other asylum related issues need to be passed through Migrant Help.

English Lessons

We offer ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) lessons. These are designed for non-native speakers of English to improve their language skills in order to cope with everyday life in the UK. 

Formal ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) provision is available at Doncaster College. They require six months residence in the UK and an ARC (ID) card. They have a September and January intake and places are limited. The DCC can help with applications.


There are other unaccredited ESOL lessons provided by volunteers. Again the DCC can put you in touch with the teachers.


For people who already speak English there is an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) group for those who need a professional English qualification.

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